The Spa in Me

Work With Us 

The Spa in Me, L.L.C., welcomes partnerships with brands, companies, and organizations that can support the wellbeing of our community. For inquiries, please email sandra@thespainme.com.

Some Examples of How We May Work Together

The Change Maker Program 

You can become a sponsor for our annual Change Maker Program, which honors African American women that volunteer at nonprofit organizations in Austin, Texas, and Tyler, Texas. 


Before people visit a spa, attend a retreat, or contract for a venue, they read reviews. The Spa in Me, L.L.C, is a reputable company in the wellness space whose opinions are carefully considered by our followers. We could personally experience your offerings and write a thorough and detailed story about our experience. 

Sponsored Storytelling Content 

We use storytelling to write about a person, place, or time. By using this format, we are sharing life experiences that may connect more deeply and meaningfully with our readers. We can write an article that tells the backstory of a company's founder; a story about the makers and designers of a company's product; a story about the sourcing of a product's ingredients; a story that highlights a company's employee(s), etc. We can also write stories about your wellness destination that go beyond a traditional tourist attraction. We can share stories about places in your local area that allow visitors to access and to appreciate cultural art, ancestral healing practices, nature, and other not so well-known gems that support a healthy lifestyle. We can also share stories about how your organization is making a difference in the community. There are so many stories we can help you share on our blog, in our weekly newsletter, and in our social media channels.