Interview with Taylor Mobley, Producer, Philanthropist, & Host

Taylor Mobley is a philanthropist, television producer, host, and hyper-creative who believes fashion is one of the greatest forms of self-expression. Her love for people and passion for community is what fuels Taylor’d For You, a black-owned, minority-operated, lifestyle movement. Having raised nearly $100,000 for various nonprofits to date, she continues to expand her brand, and its capacity to give back, working tirelessly to grow her partner and nonprofit network for the greatest good. 

Thanks so much for doing this interview. Would you tell us the story about how your love for fashion started? Is fashion something you were attracted to when you were a teenager? 

I have always found joy in fashion as a form of self-expression. When I was in elementary school, my mom would tell me to lay my clothes out the night before school each day. I took this instruction to heart and would literally lay my outfits on the floor, accessories included, because I took pride in seeing exactly how my outfits would look ahead of time. Since then, my love for fashion has only grown and I am still a strong advocate for solidifying outfits ahead of time. It relieves stress and saves you a lot of time.

What led you to create Taylor’d For You? Also, how many shows have you hosted?

I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with a degree in communication and theatre. After graduating in 2016, I began working as an Associate Producer for the San Antonio Living morning show. It was during my role at San Antonio Living that I created Taylor’d For You. Taylor’d For You began a monthly fashion segment that strived to make fashion more inclusive and accessible for people no matter their age, body type, or style preference. I noticed that the media often shared the fashion trends but did not represent those trends on diverse models. The Taylor’d For You segment allowed viewers to see trends in a relatable way on a monthly basis. During each month’s segment, I would highlight a trend on three models using clothing from a different San Antonio designer or boutique. There would be a model in his or her 20s, 30s-40s, and 50s. While the segment was successful, I wanted my platform to have a greater purpose and to serve the community in a more specific way.

For this reason, the segment blossomed into the annual Taylor’d For You fashion show. The first year we raised awareness for Dress For Success, the second year for Haven For Hope, the third year for San Antonio Threads and the fourth year was for Each One Teach One. Due to the pandemic, our 2020 show pivoted to a virtual format. While a virtual show was uncharted territory, we did not want our fear of the unknown to prevent us from celebrating Each One Teach One and its incredible work. As a result, the show ended up being more successful than we anticipated and is now able to reach more people than a live show ever could.

Would you describe the moment when you knew you had built something special with Taylor’d For You? 

When I walked into the venue the night of my first fashion show, it was in that moment that I knew I had built something special. The AV Team was still putting finishing touches on the stage but I was truly blown away that we made it to a fashion show. When I began the TFY segment, my goal was to make fashion accessible and highlight local creatives. I never imagined that would lead to helping the community in such a powerful way. Seeing the first show come to life left me eager to discover how we would make our efforts even greater moving forward.

How do you believe your fashion show brings a joyful experience to the designers, models, and attendees? 

My fashion show brings joy because it’s diverse, inclusive, and accessible. My reason behind having models of all ages, sizes, abilities and style preferences is because I want every attendee to see themselves in the show. Whether they are plus sized, shy, in a wheelchair, or even feel inspired to try one of the looks they see, that is a beautiful, unifying moment that does not happen with every fashion show. Being able to fully immerse yourself into an evening of fashion and philanthropy does not happen often but with our show, it’s possible and it’s more fulfilling than I can express.

Why is it important that Taylor’d For You support nonprofit organizations?  

Our 4th fashion show benefited Each One Teach One, an adult literacy center in San Antonio. During our time with them, one of the tutors said, "I've always thought that we have a responsibility to help people,” when articulating his passion for the work he does with his students at EOTO. His words stayed with me because I firmly believe this, too. If Taylor’d For You was solely about fashion, that would not be as impactful or fulfilling. To use fashion as a means to highlight nonprofits and celebrate their work, though, is a privilege and I believe that is the reason so many people rally behind the show year after year. The hope for the future is that Taylor’d For You fashion show will continue helping the various nonprofits and that the Taylor’d For You brand will find more ways to expand and make a broader difference in the Texas community and beyond!

Would you share your dream venue for a Taylor’d For You fashion show? Also, let us know why you believe this venue is special.  

London! Anywhere in London would be a dream, but if I could block off Piccadilly Circus and have a show in the street, that would be iconic!

Since we’re dreaming, who is your dream fashion designer, whose designs you would want to feature in your fashion show?

Nguyen Cong Tri designed the stunning yellow dress Beyonce wore to the Lion King premiere and I’m still not over it. I would love to have any collection of his in my show.

Last year, due to COVID, you successfully made the pivot from a live in-person event to a virtual event. Why do you believe the viewers were so captivated by your virtual fashion show?

2020 was unexpected and unfathomable. People were longing for an escape and for a sense of community. The fashion show provided both and truly made people forget, just for a moment, about all the chaos surrounding the year. This is the reason the show captivated me and I believe it is the same reason viewers were captivated as well.

You have an upcoming fashion show on Saturday, July 24, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. Can you tell us more about your new virtual experience and which nonprofit organization you will honor? 

After our virtual show in 2020, we are using what we learned to make this year’s show bigger and better. The beauty with the virtual format is that you have more flexibility and creativity when it comes to producing the show! Not only in how it is edited, but also in the designers and models we can collaborate with as well! For this reason, we are incorporating designers from Dallas, Houston, and Austin with hopes to celebrate a wider range of Texas talent. We are eager to see the energy that each new designer brings to the show. As for the nonprofit, we are overjoyed to be highlighting Meals on Wheels San Antonio! This incredible nonprofit helps older and disabled neighbors remain healthy and independent in their own homes, where they want to be!

What are the programs and services offered by Meals on Wheels San Antonio?

Meals on Wheels San Antonio has a variety of services and resources for seniors! Their services prevent our neighboring seniors from having to utilize costly healthcare alternatives, such as unnecessary trips to the emergency room, hospitalizations, and nursing home placements. Meals on Wheels San Antonio prepares and delivers nutritious meals each weekday to older and disabled individuals living in the San Antonio area. Every weekday Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers more than a meal to 3,400 neighbors. In addition to this, they also provide Emergency Meals, Senior Center Meals, AniMeals (a pet food delivery service), and have a Friendly Visitor program, too! When I first visited their facility, I was speechless upon learning all the work they are doing, especially during the pandemic, and we could not be happier in our decision to celebrate them this year!

What are the self-care rituals you use in your own life to help you plan and prepare for a Taylor’d for You event?

Journaling has always been a consistent self-care ritual for me. Pouring my thoughts onto a page is an immediate stress-reliver for me, but I also enjoy documenting the journey and circling back to read it once I reach each season’s goal. There are moments I interpret differently once I’m on the other side of them and always a lesson to be learned during self-reflection.

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