Interview With Amy Beilharz, Co-Founder and CEO of Cypress Valley, and Co-Founder and CEO of Artistree

Photo Credit for Yoki treehouse picture: Erich Schlegel

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview. Our readers and listeners would love to get to know your backstory a bit better. Did you spend much time outdoors in your childhood?

We did not have much money growing up, and the few vacations my family took were camping. I loved it. We hiked and explored.

Did you have or want a treehouse when you were younger?

I spent my free time up in trees. Never a treehouse, but always on the limb of a tree as high as I comfortably could go, sometimes with a book, sometimes just daydreaming.

Cypress Valley is known for its awe dropping tree houses. How many tree houses are on the property and how many people can sleep in the tree houses?

We have five amazing treehouses that people can stay overnight in by booking online at cypressvalley.com.

Which tree house design is your favorite? 

Each of our treehouses, designed and built by Artistree, are unique. I can’t say I have a favorite because they are all different. Our Yoki and Lofthaven treehouses are both romantic get-aways with private soaking tubs. The Nest is a Swiss family adventure with two bedrooms, lounge, a separate kitchen area, and look out nooks to explore, while our Juniper and Willow treehouses offer a one-bedroom glamping experience up in ancient cypress trees. All of our treehouses offer guests a secluded escape in nature.

Cypress Valley recently expanded to open the Ranch House and Event Center. Are they also located in a tree?

Our wedding and event center features a spectacular platform nestled up in three ancient cypress trees above our spring fed creek for wedding ceremonies or performances and has a Creekside amphitheater for the guests or audience. Above the amphitheater is our Creekside pavilion for music, dancing, dinners and more. The Ranch House is built on the side of our ravine and the large great room has high ceilings and windows looking into the trees, giving guests a treehouse-esque experience while firmly planted on the ground.

Can you describe the Ranch House? For example, how many rooms are available and what are some of the amenities?

Our Ranch House has six bedrooms, a large great room, a gourmet kitchen, a library and a large outdoor deck area, as well as a private pool. 

Also, what type of events are held at the Event Center?

Cypress Valley’s event center has been the site of fairy tale weddings, yoga retreats, and music and silk performances.

What are some memorable stories that you cherish since starting Cypress Valley?

From our opening in 2005, Cypress Valley has given guests an opportunity to get outdoors and experience nature from a bird’s eye view. People are often surprised at how rejuvenated they feel after being in nature for a few days without a lot of distractions. It is like balm for the soul. It’s hard to pick just one story, since we have heard from so many past guests about the magical time here. When we first opened our treehouses, I was worried about how people would fair during a storm. During the first big storm of that year, we had a 65-year-old woman staying by herself. I offered for her to stay in our guest room at the house, if she felt worried, but she elected to stay in the trees. The next morning, she said it was the best thing she’d ever done, and she bought gift certificates for her three adult kids and their spouses to give as Christmas presents before leaving.

Can you share the benefits you have personally experienced with spending time in nature? What are some of the benefits you’ve witnessed that your guests experience when spending time at Cypress Valley? Do you notice a difference between when they arrive versus when they leave?

People, myself included, seem to feel like they have taken a deep breath for the first time in a while when they spend time in nature. Your nervous system relaxes, and life feels more manageable. Guests often talk about becoming more creative, with greater clarity.

What is one thing you hope your guests will return home with after their Cypress Valley experience?

A sense of awe at how beautiful our natural world is and motivation to help preserve it for future generations.

How can our readers and listeners follow you online?

Artistree Website

People can also see the cool things Artistree is doing at https://www.instagram.com/artistree_treehouse/

Cypress Valley Website





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