Chablé Yucatán  / Wellness SPA

The heart of Chablé Yucatán, the cenote, uncovers the climax of the natural beauty of this place. This space shelters all activities related to Chablé's concept of wellness. This redefinition welcomes everything that creates well-being and balance from the soul to the space we inhabit.

On a wide wooden deck placed at the foot of the cenote, and accessed by going down a staircase that slides through the thick vegetation, meditation and yoga sessions are held daily. The twelve wooden cabins float above this beautiful cenote as if they were small tree houses. The common areas of hydrotherapy and dressing rooms culminate with a pool made of green petrified forest stone that is lost in infinity, to get back to the sacred waters and the exuberant vegetation. Water, as a means to unite the visible and the invisible world, is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the concept that guides Chablé's philosophy: well-being arises from the coherence between what is and what is shown. The herbalist, who recreates an old pharmacy where therapists can mix spices and herbs they need for treatments, inspired by the ancestral culture of healers.