Page Lambert, Connecting People With Nature, Connecting Writers with Words

Graduate-level writing instructor, Page Lambert, has been leading creative writing adventures for 25 years, working in partnership with professional outfitters and organizations, such as True Nature Journeys, Grand Canyon Field Institute, Aspen Writers' Foundation, Strada Toscana, and Sheri Griffith Expeditions. In 2006, Oprah's O magazine featured her River Writing Journeys for Women as "One of the top six great all-girl getaways of the year." Her 2022 offerings include Tuscany Primavera: Springtime in Italy; Wyoming Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat; River Writing Journey for Women in Utah; Santa Fe & Taos Autumn Sojourn; Peru's Weaving Words & Women; and Autumn Writing Retreat in the Berkshires.



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