Recess at the Ann Webb Skin Clinic

“I get those fleeting, beautiful moments of inner peace and stillness – and then the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day, I’m a human being trying to make it through in this world.” - Ellen DeGeneres

Just like many others, even Ellen DeGeneres has limited time to indulge in moments of stillness. With the responsibilities of raising children, working, running errands, doing chores at home, etc., we often push ourselves beyond what can actually be accomplished in a day. However, when there are those rare opportunities to enjoy a quiet moment, we should take advantage of that precious time. Sometimes this may mean briefly leaving our homes.

Attending a day spa is one way to enjoy any free time we may have. It allows us to recharge our energy by relaxing and then moving on with the remainder of our day. Because these spas vary in the treatments and services offered, determining the type of experience you are seeking is the key to choosing a spa. Some offerings may include acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage therapy, skin care, or yoga. 

This first posting reviews the services received by the Spa in Me founder at the Ann Webb Skin Clinic, which is a gem of a day spa in Austin, Texas, specifically, Northwest Austin. There is also a Los Angeles location.

What makes this spa so special is its owner, Ann Webb.

Ann experienced severe cystic acne as a child. Because Ann grew up in poverty, she obviously had limited resources to seek proper skin care. After years of self-study, training, and working with professionals, she opened the Ann Webb Skin Clinic, the Ann Webb Skin Institute, and created product lines known as Skin by Ann Webb and AW Clinicals. Through this triage of services and products, her mission is to make skin care affordable and accessible. 

As of December 2016, the Ann Webb Skin Clinic offers facials starting at $65 for new clients and $45 for existing clients for a period of 45 minutes. A 30 minute facial costs $35. Other services with varied price ranges include more detailed facials; facial add-on services; laser and intense pulsed light services (ipl); eyelash extensions; cosmetic injections; body treatments; massage; laser hair removing; facial waxing; teeth whitening; makeup; spray tanning; and specialized spa packaging.  

The Ann Webb Skin Clinic even offers teenage facials at $35 and a gentle yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) acne treatment for $35. It’s important for teenagers to learn how to properly care for their skin from professionals, as having acne can sometimes lead to forming a negative self-perception and a lowered self-esteem.

The Ann Webb Skin Institute offers a full time and part time skin esthetician program focused on medical esthetics and laser technology. Under licensed supervision, advanced students are able to offer some facials, facial add-on services, waxing, body treatments, eyelash extensions, and makeup services to the public at rates lower than those offered at the Ann Webb Skin Clinic. 

At my appointment for a facial, the staff warmly greeted me when I walked into the spa. They offered water infused with cucumbers as I waited in the lounge area to meet my skin esthetician.  

As I waited, I also had the opportunity to look at the products in the retail area. Those products included Skin by Ann Webb, the AW Clinicals, and other lines carried in the store.

Some of the AW Clinical products are in recyclable bottles. If those products are purchased, customers can return them for a refill and receive a 10% discount on the purchase price.

My skin esthetician, Claudia, soon entered the lounge area to greet and guide me to the treatment room.  

As part of the monthly special, the facial also included a free chocolate peppermint holiday mask. Chocolate nourishes the skin with antioxidants and peppermint stimulates circulation. 

After I entered the room, Claudia left while I changed into a body gown, got comfortable on the table, and underneath the warm sheets and blanket. As I placed my head on a warm water pillow and listened to the soothing sounds of softly playing nature music, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and prepared to bask in the next 45 minutes of nothingness.   

Claudia gently knocked before re-entering the room. As I rested on the warm pillow, she analyzed my skin to determine the most appropriate products to use. By using a comforting facial massage, she then applied a nourishing cleanser to rejuvenate the skin, followed by a toner, to fight bacteria and remove dead skin. She also applied an exfoliation product that further removes dead skin and also helps to brighten the skin. The vitamin C serum was applied as an anti-aging antioxidant that penetrates the skin to help with any skin issue. The moisturizer that was applied contains luminescent properties and functions to calm and protect the skin throughout the day. Warm towels were wrapped over my face to help with the application of these products. She also provided a scalp, neck, shoulder, and hand massage which I found relaxing. When Claudia slathered the cool chocolate peppermint mask on my face, the scent of both the chocolate and peppermint was a welcomed indulgence. In between my bouts of napping, I would sometimes ask questions about the products and found my therapist to be very responsive. 

Eventually, the session ended. Claudia exited the room to give me a few minutes of alone time. My skin felt hydrated and looked brighter. I felt de-stressed and ready to proceed with my day in an energized, yet calm manner. I got dressed and Claudia returned to guide me back to the lobby area. Without any pressure, she asked if I had an interest in any of the retail products used during the facial. I then paid for the service. 

I decided to make getting a facial a regular part of my routine so I scheduled an appointment for the following month. I then left and felt ready to conquer the rest of my day filled with traffic, errands, household chores, etc. Yet, my never-ending to-do list didn't bother me, because I took some time to slow down and indulge in a little self-care for less than an hour of my day.

Contact Information: Ann Webb Skin Clinic, 11701 Jollyville Road, Austin, Texas 78759, (512) 795-0145

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