Case Study Process

We write compelling case studies that highlight your customer telling a story about how your product or service solved a need.  To get started, we will schedule a 30-to-60-minute call to help us better understand your business and existing marketing message.

We will discuss the business or individual customer to feature and determine who will schedule the interview. We encourage you to choose a customer that can speak with credibility and conviction about the amazing results obtained because of your product or service. You will also want to make certain that your chosen customer signs a release form to proceed with the case study.

During the discovery phase, we will learn more about your company and your customer. We will also provide you with a list of questions we want to ask.  

After your review and approval of the questions, we will speak with your customer for 30-to-45 minutes.  We will provide you with the first draft of the case study within a designated number of days. We’ll manage the revisions between you and your customer until we have an approved final version that you can provide to your graphic designer. Alternatively, we can manage the professional design of the case study with an external graphic designer and provide it to you within a set number of days. You can then use the case study at tradeshows, on your website, in social media, in a press release, or in other platforms and venues where you share your content.