About Us

"Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat anytime and be yourself." - Hermann Hessess

About The Spa in Me, LLC

The Spa in Me, LLC, offers self care coaching and retreats for the whole woman. Because a woman's total experiences are grounded in her personal and professional life, we offer programs and services to help women find the self care strategies that work best for them in the settings that impact their lives. 

About Sandra Foreman, the Founder

Everything I have experienced as a student, wife, mother, and lawyer has shaped who I am, but it was really my burnout and search for new meaning that brought me to where I am now. There was no dramatic moment when the burnout began; instead, it happened gradually over a period of years.

As the fatigue and exhaustion developed, I felt increasingly dissatisfied, out of balance and lost. Maybe your own life is not so different. What I now know is that by not taking better care of myself, I lost the opportunity during those 20-plus years to truly get to know my own interests and authentic self.

This realization was my awakening. After that, I began to change my lifestyle and better manage my stress. I stopped working weekends and long hours. I limited the number of pro bono cases I accepted each year. As my sons grew older and more independent, I used my free time to discover my interests.

The activities I enjoyed the most were those that helped me to slow down, quiet my mind, and spend time outdoors. I discovered spas, hiking trails, and many yoga studios. I even completed yoga teacher training. I started to feel less guilty when spending time away from my family, or when hibernating in my personal cave at home.

The time I carved out for myself helped me to manage my stress, which in turn, helped me to find the right flow and balance to my life. This restructuring allowed me to become a better person and to live with more clarity, independent of my roles as a wife, mother, and lawyer.

As I’ve grown older and developed personally, it feels good to live without the labels that society places on who we’re supposed to be. My new purpose in life is to help other women acknowledge their worth in making self-care an ongoing practice as opposed to an occasional indulgence.

And now here I am, with a new energy, free spirit, and purpose to guide women in establishing their own self-care rituals in every phase of their career and motherhood. I want to pass on to other women – including you, I hope – a toolbox of self-care strategies that are uplifting and bring a sense of calm and inner peace to their lives. Will you allow me to be your guide on this self-care journey? I certainly hope so!