Interview With Shannon Jamail, Founder, Mind & Body Complete 

Shannon is the founder and creator of the Mind & Body Complete Family of Companies which includes her retreat center, Retreat Ranch, outside of Austin and her intentional product line, Activated Faith. She is a best-selling author, podcast host, retreat leader, therapist turned performance coach and tequila connoisseur (not really but she does enjoy sipping on a good pour). Shannon has a passion and a mission to elevate women in mind & body in order to connect, grow & thrive through her programs & intentional products. She lives on her ranch with her family in the Hill Country of Texas. 

Thank you so much for joining us in this conversation. We would love to know your back story. What are some of your fondest memories about spending time on a retreat or other getaway?  

I couldn’t name just one moment as I have many moments, but it is more of a feeling I have when I am attending a retreat or getaway. A feeling of connection - to myself, and to others- a feeling of letting go, of just being. With no expectations or heaviness. This is the same feeling I hope my guests feel when they are on a retreat with me or my company.

As a teenager, what type of career did you imagine for yourself?

A teacher! Which, in an essence, I have become. I teach others to appreciate themselves, including the ‘darker’ sides, and to strive to become the best versions of themselves.

Did your experience as a therapist, performance coach, and yoga teacher inspire you to start Retreat Ranch?

Absolutely. I would say also my time in corporate America as well. Just connecting with other women across the globe and noticing that many of us share similar struggles, similar pains, and similar desires. This stirred in me a yearning to create programs and retreats that allowed these women to connect with other women in healing, motivating, and transforming ways.

What do you most enjoy about your work at Retreat Ranch?  

This is a tough one to answer as I enjoy everything from the manual labor of clearing out sections of land, to greeting new visitors to reading the five star reviews! There isn’t an aspect of the ranch that I don’t love and I am immensely grateful to both participate and also observe the dreams we are creating and living.  

What are some of the retreat experiences offered by Retreat Ranch?  

We offer women’s glamping yoga retreats as well as the opportunity to rent the facility for your own retreat or special event.

Are there any special stories that you can share about a person that was impacted by attending a Retreat Ranch experience?

I could share hundreds of personal emails and messages about the transformations that occur. But the main theme in each testimony is this: to find connection with other women and know I am not alone has been the biggest impact- and knowing I now have a community of sisters to turn to.

How do you want people to remember their experience at Retreat Ranch? 

However, it speaks to them. I try my best not to put any expectations on my guests' experiences as there are different paths and ways to experience something transformative or amazing. And although our reasons for coming to a retreat may be similar, the specifics are not, and it is an honor to meet every guest where they are on their journey and to hopefully provide space for them to gain whatever it is they may need.  

Because I love candles and body products, I was absolutely excited to learn that you are also one of the founders of a company that makes these products. What led you to start Activated Faith? Also, how can a person include these products in their daily lives, especially after they return home from a retreat?

I love candles and body products! And years ago, I started making them as gifts for friends. Just little tokens of intention to lift someone in mind and body.  A few years back my best friend and I were chatting over pancakes and together we decided to make my little hobby into a business. Nicole, my best friend, has been instrumental in making Activated Faith an actual business, and our goal is that everyone who receives a product is lifted up in spirit, mind, and body when they light or use their intentional hand-crafted gift.

What is your favorite quote and how do you apply it to your life?

My very favorite quote is “I do my best till I know better, than I do better” by Maya Angelou, followed very closely by “Comparison is the thief of joy” by Theodore Roosevelt.  And both of these are critical to who I am as a person. I feel I am always doing my best, and through that I have learned from mistakes and errors and ego-based thinking- always striving to be the best version of me. And through all of that I don’t compare my journey with anyone else’s as that does a disservice to me, and to others.

Would you share your contact information so people can learn more?

Mind & Body Complete Website 

Retreat Ranch



Thank you for this meaningful conversation. We wish you continued success. 

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