Interview With Michelle Bernadette Saudan, International Visiting Wellness Practitioner

Michelle hails from Zimbabwe and is currently based in Dubai. She has been serving in the Spa & Wellness Industry since 2010 and her current role is an International Visiting Wellness Practitioner. This journey has taken her into Spa Therapy/Management, Life Coaching/Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sound & Vibroacoustic Healing, and Meditation. She has been privileged to travel to 67 countries which has granted her both great exposure to the diverse wellness culture as well as the opportunity to be an instrument of wellbeing/healing globally.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview. Can you tell us a story about what brought you to your work as a wellness practitioner? Also, how did you become interested in sound healing? 

I started my career as a Spa Therapist and started to realize that gradually my treatments became more than Swedish massages and facials as some of my clients would become emotional during or after a treatment. I remember one of my clients earlier on who after her session, hugged me so tightly with tears in her eyes and said I had touched her soul. This moved me deeply and naturally my career evolved as I explored different aspects within the Spa & Wellness Industry, different modalities to enhance what I knew so I could be able to serve my clients on a deeper level.

Sound Healing has always been a part of me as I come from a lineage of Traditional African Healers who used different instruments such as the Hosho “Gourd shaker”, Mbira” Thumb Piano” and the Ngoma “Drum” to facilitate healing or for ceremonial purposes. Observing what sound healing did for other people and having had a transformational experience myself, I wanted to take it further and be able to provide the same for those who needed it in my own way.

For our readers that are new to sound healing, would you briefly describe how sound heals and the benefits of this modality for the body?

Sound Healing takes away stress from the system by entangling your system to the harmonious vibrations. Your system will naturally open to it because it seeks harmony as that is a natural state of being for us. Ninety-percent of doctor visits are associated with stress. Stress is disharmony. Stress reduction needs an environment that is exposed or is in harmony which is created with all the elements in a sound healing session. This then provides a channel for healing.

How often does a person need to do sound healing to receive the benefits?

Once can receive the benefits immediately after a single session. That’s how powerful Sound Healing is as a modality. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, vibration is more efficient by one-hundred percent in carrying a signal through the body vs a chemical. We are composed of energy and energy communicates with energy and therefore moves faster.

When and where did sound healing originate? Is it an ancient practice?

Across cultural bonds (Nomadic shaman, the Tibetan lama, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, African, or Jewish Priest, musician or cantor), sound has been used as a catalyst throughout human history. The use of sound as a healing modality dates back to prehistoric times when shaman chanted and drummed to heal people. In ancient mystery schools of Greece, India, Kemet, just to name a few, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed sacred science that modern science is only now beginning to merge with.

What are the different instruments that you during a session? Is there one instrument that you enjoy using more than others?

I use a combination of Himalayan singing bowls, a stringed instrument known as a Monochord, tuning forks, and a variety of instruments that create the sounds of nature such as the rain, waves of the ocean etc. To be honest, my instruments are what I call a part of my extended family and all carry a different energy. I enjoy playing them all equally!

Do you combine other wellness modalities with a sound healing session?

Yes. The combination would depend on the client and their current needs. I can combine Reiki and Bodywork in a Sound Healing Session.

Are there any stories you can share about the impact of sound healing on any of your clients? 

One of my clients whom was touched with cancer had received a couple of sessions of my Vibroacoustic Bodywork, which in her own words, had said, “My body frequency felt lighter and harmonious.”

What are the different ways that people can work with you? Do you take private clients? Can we find you at upcoming retreats or other events?

As an International Visiting Practitioner, I am blessed with the freedom to go wherever my clients are. I just returned from the Maldives as I was a part of a month-long retreat at Ozen Life Madhoo. In addition to this, I have a private clientele base here in Dubai. I do not have any upcoming retreats or events for the rest of this year as my focus is on fundraising for two institutions that support the training of Visually Impaired Women/Men in Africa in Massage Therapy. Some of these beautiful people are genocide survivors and coming from Africa myself, this is a project I hold dear to my heart.

Before ending this interview, are their any tips you can share to help us improve our wellbeing at home?

In a world that can be “loud” with so much information coming from all directions, I simply advise you to seek what wellness means but most importantly what it means to YOU! It could be walking your dog, gardening, making dinner or any meal of the day a ritual with your family, any type of movement, reading soulful books, creating, giving back, etc.

With this I leave you with so much love as you read this.

Peace and Blessings


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