Interview With Edith Castillo, Wellness Manager at Chablé Yucatan

Edith Castillo obtained a Business Administration degree prior to starting in the hospitality industry in 2009 in Cancun, Quintana Roo Mexico. She has worked on the spa and wellness programs within international hotel brands such as Hilton, Starwood, and Hard Rock. In 2015, she moved to India to explore the Asian approach to wellness and spirituality where she obtained a certification in Yoga and Meditation. After three years she continued her journey in Thailand as a yoga practitioner for guests of Six Senses as well as the local community. It was here that Edith fell in love with the opportunity to engage with people beyond physical experiences, to make them feel better and to transform their lives.

She moved back to Mexico to work with Hyatt as the Wellness and Recreation Manager. Today, Edith serves as the Wellness Manager of Chablé Yucatan, where she applies and incorporates her vast knowledge to enhance the resort’s ceremonies and wellness experiences that embrace Mayan ancestral techniques and local Mexican traditions.

Thank you so much for joining us in this conversation. We would love to know your back story. When you were a teenager, what did you dream of doing as a career?

Ever since I was young, I have always found it very interesting to learn about other cultures and I liked traveling as a way of living. Taking care of myself was never a top priority until I found how important it is to be happy, then I completely focused on wellness with yoga, meditation, learning about nutrition, and anything that makes me connect with my true self.

How did you make your way to Chablé Yucatan?

I was living in Playa del Carmen. My husband and I decided to move back to his home town, Merida Yucatan, which is located just 25 minutes from Chablé Yucatan. I told him the only place that I want to work is at Chablé Yucatan, and the rest was the universe doing its work because I found out a few days later that they needed a Wellness Manager. 

What do you most enjoy about your current work?   

I love being surrounded by nature and incorporating Mexican and local traditions into daily experiences. My passion is sharing our culture with our guests and inner community

What are some of the experiences offered by Chablé  Yucatan? Also, would you share something special and/or unique about each of your locations?  

The spiritual experiences are unique and authentic. Having our own Shaman makes every ceremony very special because we use ancestral practices and traditional medicine from our ancestors. We offer a temezcal ritual (which means steam house), and it is based on one of the oldest forms of medicine where the physical, mental and spiritual levels come together. We also have a Mayan ceremony to celebrate the ancient spirituality. Chable Yucatan also has three spa journeys, each with different energy and aesthetic outcome depending on the feelings and life stage of each of our guests.

Wellness is personal and means different things to different people. So, we make sure to understand what the guest needs for the best experience.

What makes Chable Yucatan unique is that the ‘heart’ of the property and the spa is a cenote, which is our energy axis for the ceremonies and rituals we offer. 

How do you want people to remember their time at Chablé Yucatan?

As the best time in their lives. Feeling transformed and renewed.  

The goal is for guests to leave behind their stress and anxieties and take with them a piece of the Chable way – living in harmony with nature, harmonizing their physical, spiritual, and mental wellness, feeling relaxed and renewed.

 What is your favorite quote and how do you apply it to your life?

“Live to inspire.” I live every day of my life with love for what I do and hope to make a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for this meaningful conversation. We wish you continued success.

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