Interview With Angela Vlasova, Founder, Skin & Tonic Beauty Bar

What brought you to work as an esthetician and as a medical esthetician?

I have been in the beauty industry since I was nine years old. My mom has been an esthetician ever since I can remember. There is one story that made me pursue this as a career. I was working as an esthetician for about two years part time. I had a wonderful client who asked me if I could take a look at her daughter's skin. She explained to me that over the summer her skin drastically changed, and, as a result, so did her demeanor. She wouldn't go out with friends anymore, and her grades in school were slipping. My client did not know what to do, they even went to see a therapist, who said she is just very self-conscious about her appearance. I knew the feeling. I was a 13- year-old once. We made an appointment for a consultation and a facial for her daughter. On the day of the consultation, I was greeted by a very shy girl, who appeared to be hiding her pretty face with her long hair. When she responded to answer my questions, she would reply with a simple yes or no. The facial went very well, and I sent her home with a regiment and told her to come back in three weeks. After several treatments, her skin was improving so fast. On our fourth treatment, I was expecting that same shy girl, but to my delight I saw a beautiful young lady. She had her hair in a ponytail with lip gloss on and was chatting with our front desk girls. I could not believe it! For a second I thought it may be my client had another daughter, but when she saw me, she gave me a big hug and said I can't wait to tell you about my weekend. I looked at her mother with a surprised look, and she nodded and said thank you so much for helping me bring my daughter back. That day I decided, this will be my career.

What important lessons did you learn early in your career?

Early in my career, I tried to treat each of my clients with the same regiments. After seeing how certain clients would attain better results than others, I learned very quickly that I needed to really learn about my client's history, daily routines, and diets as this truly can dictate how treatments affect the skin. This would allow me to treat the individual rather than try to shoehorn everyone into the same treatments.

Are there any words of comfort that you can share for someone who has never visited a spa? Also, what happens when a person visits with you?

The skin is very forgiving and can adapt quickly, even in regard to acne, scarring, wrinkles and sun damage, so it is never too late to start treatment. As for what people can expect on their first visit with me, they can expect to have a personalized visit where we focus on areas of concern. I understand that earning a client's trust is sacred, and I want my clients to leave knowing that I do my very best to ensure they glow with confidence. 

What are the benefits of seeing an esthetician on a regular basis?

Other than just coming to the spa for a relaxing facial or some very specific treatments, very rarely are we able to fix a problem area in a single visit. Most people's daily activities/habits are what cause most issues with their skin. By seeing an esthetician on a regular basis, you are able to have a regiment that can evolve and change. This will ensure that we are always doing what your skin needs at the time. This is especially important in areas of the country that experience seasons or fluctuations in weather.

What are your three favorite spa services, and why are they your favorite?

This is a very tough question, but I will give it a shot. In no particular order, I love my Signature Facial, as most returning clients come in for this treatment. It allows for me to really see what is going on with my client's skin and recognize areas that may benefit from an add-on or other available treatments. It also allows for my clients to relax and feel good about themselves. Next is Laser Treatments. Lasers are so versatile and allow for me to provide so many treatments that really target areas of concern, like, hair removal, vein reduction, pigmentation, and acne. Lasers just provide wonderful results that just simply can't be replicated through normal facial treatments. Finally, Fibroblast. This treatment is fairly new and brings with it some controversy. The results I see from my clients that receive it are mind blowing. I will say, if you pursue this treatment, that you need to make sure that you go to someone who really knows what they are doing. With that said, when this treatment is done by a professional, the results can be incredible.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I absolutely live for seeing my client's skin improve. I laugh to myself as sometimes it feels that I want to see results more than my clients do. I just really take pride in my knowledge and skills. I always take before and after pictures of my clients, because this way we can record the progress. This lets me get to see their faces when they see how much their skin has improved, it is priceless.

For someone that does not have access to a nearby spa, what are three things that a person can do at home to improve the condition of their skin?

  1. Exfoliate: Exfoliating Cleanser helps remove bacteria and dead skin cells from the pores.
  2. Hydrate: Hydrating Serum hydrates the skin on a molecular level and goes deeper than typical moisturizers.
  3. Protect: SPF moisturizer protects the skin from UV rays/radiation from the Sun, without drying it out.

Obviously, the quality of the products you purchase has an impact on how well these recommendations will help. In my spa, I sell and use Elta MD's line, as they have incredible medical grade products that do not break the bank. 

What quote is a guiding principle in your life?

"Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a very long time." -Linden Tyler

I absolutely love this quote, as it always reminds me to take the time for self-care.

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