Interview With Alex Glasscock, CEO & Co-Founder, The Ranch

Alex Glasscock founded The Ranch in September 2010 with the creation of the first property, The Ranch Malibu, with his wife Sue. His passion for healthy and balanced living through outdoor activities and appreciation for nature were the guiding principles in creating this unique Malibu, California fitness and wellness retreat. As owner and CEO, Alex guides all aspects of The Ranch’s growth, and is responsible for the strategic planning and evolution of the brand to additional locations.  

In 2004, Alex spent a week at a wellness retreat to unwind and unplug from his busy life.  After having a transformational experience in which he not only left rested, reenergized, and empowered, but also lost 11 pounds and significant inches, he was determined to create a program to help other people recalibrate and jumpstart a new sustainable healthy lifestyle in a luxurious setting. Alex began researching and studying integrative methods to balanced living. He also started mentoring and training individuals in his newly discovered philosophy of “balanced living.”

After years of searching for the perfect location, Alex and Sue discovered the historic property which is now home to The Ranch Malibu. Set three miles above the Pacific Ocean in the Santa Monica Mountains, they knew instantly the 200-acre working ranch was the sacred space for this inspiring program but had to wait several years for it to become available. After a year of refurbishment and renovations, The Ranch Malibu opened in September 2010.

Alex finds continued inspiration from his guests’ life stories and their personal journeys of transformation through their Ranch visits. When in town, he participates in hikes, fitness, and yoga classes. He currently resides on The Ranch with his wife, Sue, their dogs, Max, Clara, and Pip, and two goats. Alex enjoys traveling, competitive horse jumping, paddle boarding, triathlon competition, skiing, and mountain hiking. He has also been a member of Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles for over 25 years.

About The Ranch   

A healthy lifestyle company, The Ranch features acclaimed results-oriented, fitness and wellness retreats along with an assortment of healthy food and beauty products. The company was founded in September 2010 with the launch of The Ranch Malibu, a seven-day immersive wellness program designed to recalibrate the mind and body through an intense fitness and wellness regimen paired with a highly structured, plant-based nutritional diet. Since its launch, The Ranch has expanded to include a more personalized experience, The Ranch Private and a nine-day program, The Ranch 9.0. The program is designed to deliver sustainable physical and mental results by providing guests with the skills, discipline, and practice to make lasting changes. The rigorous daily program is complemented by a nutritionally dense, plant-based diet. The Ranch is regularly featured in a variety of leading media outlets; voted the #1 Destination Spa Resort in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler readers in both 2020 and 2021 and named one of the best spas in the world 7 times by Travel + Leisure.

Thank you so much for joining us in this conversation. We would love to know your back story. What are some of your fondest childhood memories about spending time outdoors?

My father would take us camping and river canoeing. I always felt a special connection being outdoors with him and other family members. It was our happy place.

I had an extra elective to use my last semester at The University of Texas and took a nature class called “Wild Basin”, which involved being trained as a docent at the local nature preserve. Needless to say, that experience stayed with me and has always given me great comfort and security in being outdoors. 

Also, please share your earliest memory of spending time at a retreat.   

Kid’s Camp when I was young is my earliest memory being at a retreat and I was very homesick. I don’t feel that way anymore and now, thoroughly enjoy going to my adult camp, The Ranch Malibu.

As a teenager, what type of career did you imagine for yourself?

I always wanted to be in real estate developing and owning properties. My parents gave me building blocks at an early age. I would build villages and tall buildings.

What inspired you to start The Ranch Malibu, and what do you most enjoy about your current work?   

My wife, Sue, and I started The Ranch together in 2010 because of our passion to help others change their lives. Our combined passions of health, wellness, nature. and design led to the start of The Ranch. My favorite part of my current work with The Ranch is being a part of thousands of guests' transformational experience in their health journey. It is truly inspiring to be able to witness the growth and determination in our guests' time at The Ranch. 

What are some of the retreat experiences offered by The Ranch Malibu? 

The Ranch is an acclaimed results-oriented, fitness and wellness program designed to recalibrate the mind and body through an intense fitness and wellness regiment paired with a highly structured plant-based nutritional diet. Each day consists of eight hours of low impact activity – centered around a breathtaking and varied four - hour group hike each morning – afternoon nap time, fitness classes, yoga and daily massage. During their stay, guests connect with nature’s healing elements and can also experience more unique health modalities including pre-and post-program cholesterol testing and body fat analysis, a weekly sound bath, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, cryotherapy and IV Therapy to further enhance results. 

We are excited to have recently launched The Ranch Integrative Health Plan and The Ranch 360, which are at-home programs. It is extremely important to us to share The Ranch with those near and far. Led by Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner Bridgette Becker, who offers more than 25 years of experience, these programs provide at-home support to optimize guests’ health pre-/post-stay or between visits.

Are there any special stories that you can share about a person that was impacted by a stay at your retreat venue?

There are so many heartwarming and transformational stories from the female cattle hauler that came after her husband passed away to countless guests who have been on their wellness journey having lost over 100 pounds in a short amount of time, new marathoners and those that have had chronic illnesses that have significantly diminished due to their lifestyle changes.

How do you want people to remember their experience at The Ranch Malibu? 

We want our guests to remember their experience at The Ranch Malibu as a life-changing experience. We want them to be able to apply the skills and lessons learned during their stay to their daily lives. We are most proud of the thousands of lives we have been able to impact for the better, sparked by a trip to The Ranch. We have seen guests break habits that have been engrained for years such as poor food choices, lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking cessation and medical changes including dramatically improved cholesterol levels, and the reduction of prescription medications for conditions impacted by unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

What is your favorite quote and how do you apply it to your life?

I love the one by Ralph Waldo Emerson. My adaptation is “May my actions speak so loudly, that you can’t hear the words that I say.”

Thank you for this meaningful conversation. We wish you continued success. 

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