When The Body Forces You To Stop

by Sandra Foreman August 05, 2018

"When the body forces you to STOP, it's saying, hey buddy, you've gone too far." - Jacqueline Escolme  

I'm guilty as charged. Throughout the years, I’ve made it a practice to accept more commitments than I could reasonably handle. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Even with church, family, work, exercise, etc., I sometimes obligate myself to do more than I should.

Being overbooked didn’t really become an issue until I became a parent. Before kids, I would often volunteer in the community and accept numerous pro bono cases. After my kids were born, I felt I could continue overextending myself. Eventually, my overwhelmed body spoke to me and I listened. I limited my volunteerism to one pro bono caIse a year. I simply had to acknowledge that slowing down was the best decision for me and my family.

However, life continued, and my kids started activities. Being the hands on parent that I am, I would sign up for multiple volunteer responsibilities at their school and extracurricular activities. I actually juggled it quite well for a significant period of time. 

As mothers, I think we especially want to be involved in as much as possible with our children. We want to be a part of their lives while they’re still young and while they voice no objections. Being involved in their school and activities was also my opportunity to get to know the other kids, teachers, and families.

I believe it’s only when my kids reduced their after school activities to concentrate on a few did I start to do the same. Their ability to listen to their intuition, desires, and interests caused me to question what activities had the most value to me and focus on those.  

I continue to evolve and learn. Sometimes, I still do more than I am capable of doing. However, I am older and wiser. I now know how to listen to what my body tells me and release what adds stress to my life. I no longer push beyond my limitations. To do otherwise would not serve me, or my health, well. 

Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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