The Rose Spa at the Cascades - It's an Experience Mixed With A Service Or Treatment

by Sandra Foreman December 30, 2016

“Sooner or later everything old is new again.” – Stephen King, The Colorado Kid

I recently took a road trip to my hometown of Tyler, Texas, for a facial appointment at The Rose Spa at The Cascades.  Jason and Cassandra Bramlette, The Rose Spa owners, previously lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They identified the need for a resort style spa in East Texas and chose Tyler for its location. The spa is open to the public.  It isn’t restricted to those who are residents at the Cascades or members of the Country Club.

Tyler is located in Northeast Texas and is known as the Rose Capital of the United States. It’s a growing, yet small city, with an estimated population of 107,405, based on 2014 data. The size of Tyler is what I find so refreshing. It provides me with an opportunity to slow down my sometimes fast-paced way of living. I always know when I’m close to Tyler because I’m surrounded by a barrage of greenery. The grass; historic trees; roses; dogwood; and Indian paintbrush plants vibrantly embrace the roadway when in season.  

Although my appointment at The Rose Spa was for an isolated facial service, what I actually received was its unleashing of a totality of pleasant mini experiences.  The Rose Spa’s secluded location makes it the perfect setting for those seeking an escape. Also, the natural scenery on Hogan Drive where it is located is inviting.  There are endless streams of bountiful trees.

The nuance of Tyler hospitality is scattered throughout the spa.

For example, outside, there is a padded bench near the door to the spa. Conversations outside on the porch are common in East Texas, so to add the bench is simply a special and thoughtful touch. To me, it screams that The Rose Spa wants its clients to stay as long as they can.

As I checked into the spa, the staff asked if I wanted coffee, water or tea. They informed me that I arrived on the day of a Christmas celebration and could treat myself to any of the appetizers in the dining area. Again, this welcoming customer service exemplifies East Texas hospitality at its finest. 

The staff then guided me to the locker room and presented me with a luxury robe with slippers and a locker for my items with a personal key.

I arrived two hours early for my appointment. When I scheduled the appointment, I became aware that clients have full access to all amenities offered at the spa before or after a service. Clients can stay as long as the spa is open. After I changed into the robe and slippers, I took this opportunity to view the retail area stocked with skin care products.

There is a boutique on-site with lounge wear to purchase which would be perfect for a day at the spa or a relaxing day at home.  I also viewed the salon, fitness room, and sauna. 

However, I spent the majority of my time in the quiet room to recover from the four hour drive from Austin. It felt good to just sit still.

I met with the skin esthetician for my 45 minute facial a few minutes before the scheduled appointment.  I received the Signature Facial treatment specific to my skin care needs. The added touch of the facial and hand massage with softly playing music made the treatment even more relaxing.  I believe I slept during most of the service. At the end of the facial, I decided to spend the remainder of my stay in the quiet room.

Eventually, I paid for my service and left before the spa closed.  As I drove away, instead of viewing Tyler through the drab eyes of a child, as I’m sure I did when I was younger, this time, I viewed it through the eyes of an adult feeling a sense of wonderment about my growing hometown.

Contact: The Rose Spa at The Cascades, 4055 Hogan Drive, Tyler, Texas, 75709, (903) 526-4744.


Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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