by Sandra Foreman July 21, 2018

“Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.”
– Nikki Rowe

Quite often, driving in our cars is the only time we spend alone. Although this is certainly alone time and might be peaceful for some segment of the population, most people would not consider driving in our cars quality time that is stress free. We’re dealing with traffic, possibly eating or drinking while driving, which is not recommended, and consuming ourselves with radio news that is filled with daily tragedies.

Of course we can’t escape from our daily realities, but I propose that we work toward intentionally spending some time in solitude and enjoying our own company. This doesn’t mean checking in to a luxury hotel every weekend. Quality alone time does not require escaping from our homes and families. Instead, we could wake up a few minutes earlier each morning to enjoy a hot tea or coffee while everyone else is sleeping. During our lunch break while at work, we could eat the lunch we prepared outside at a nearby bench, park, or other location, and listen to the birds singing and simply observe our surroundings. Finding the time to spend alone, may require being creative or seeking the help of our spouses and families, but it’s time that is worthy to carve out for ourselves.

Solitude provides many benefits. Being alone allows us to break free from the busyness that consumes our lives. When we can find at least 30-60 minutes of “me” time each day, we can then have an opportunity to assess our distractions and concentrate on whether we should make changes in our lives. It’s often when I am alone that I am able to make reasonable and sound decisions because I’m not in the constant state of go, go, and go.

Another major benefit of solitude is that we can simply unwind. If we’re fortunate enough to have our homes to ourselves for an hour or longer, just breathe and do nothing for a set amount of time. During this established time, save your energy. Take a nap. Enjoy your peaceful moment. Journal for introspection concerning any area of your life.

Don’t be afraid to be alone with only your thoughts to accompany you. Use this time to find and acknowledge the beautiful person that you are. Solitude is a gift that you deserve.

Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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