Review: NKJV Study Bible

by Sandra Foreman February 13, 2021

"Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face." - Ronald Reagan

During times of distress, struggles, and inner turmoil, there is nothing better than reading. It is during these times when we may seek the meaning to our lives by reading the Bible. However, understanding the scriptures and stories can sometimes feel overwhelming. To remedy this problem, Thomas Nelson, has authored the NKJV Study Bible, which I received from The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc. I find this study guide to be quite practical, useful, and easy to comprehend. 

Below please find a review of some of the key features of this study guide. 

Artistry. The artistry of this study guide is breathtakingly beautiful. The cover is maroon with an upscale graphic design. Additionally, the study guide includes stunning photography. 

Outline. There is an outline that precedes each Bible story. This helps to dissect each book and gives the reader an expectation of the subject matter. 

Purpose and Theme. There is a thorough review of the meaning of each book in the Bible and its historical significance to current times. 

Authors.  There is a detailed discussion about each book's authorship and the circumstances concerning its creation. 

Articles. The study guide includes scholarly analysis of biblical historical topics that may provide a deeper understanding of the Bible or prompt further review and discussion. 

Bible Times and Culture Notes. Throughout the study guide, there are summaries about the people and ways they lived.  

Maps. There are colorful maps included throughout the study guide.

Word Studies. Each book includes analyses of the words used in the scriptures. This feature is especially helpful as it leads to a better comprehension of the pertinent application to our lives.   

There are many resources to study the Bible. However, if you are wanting a concise and scholarly analysis, the NKJV Study Bible is an excellent choice. If you're not convinced that the Bible has application to your life, please watch this brief video at



Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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