One Thing At A Time

by Sandra Foreman February 13, 2021

We are confronted with so many options and tasks on any given day. For this reason, we sometimes don't pay attention to what we are doing in the moment. Because poetry often has a way of conveying a message that many can easily appreciate, I would like to share "One Thing At A Time" by M.A.Stodart. It is a poem that speaks to being present and concentrating on what is before you at that moment. 



 One Thing At A Time by M.A. Stodart
Work while you work, 



Play while you play, 



That is the way, 



To be cheerful and gay.



All that you do, 



Do with your might;



Things done by halves



Are never done right.



One thing each time,



And that done well, 



Is a very good rule, 



As many can tell.



 Moments are useless



Trifled away, 



So work while you work, 



And play while you play.



Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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