Living Your Life Through Weviva

by Sandra Foreman January 22, 2017

“In a dancer, there is a reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength.” – Martha Graham

Throughout the city of Austin, there is a vibrant nonprofit that offers free fitness and nutrition classes in sometimes forgotten locations where people have limited access to wellness programs. These barriers exist because of limited income, child care costs, impaired mobility due to increased age, and lack of transportation. Weviva started in 2011 to reduce the obstacles that prevent people from living a healthy lifestyle. It opened the gateway to wellness with its Zumba classes that have expanded to include other exercise and nutrition classes.  Since 2011, over 5000 people have attended the various classes offered.

Approximately 30 to 40 group classes are offered Monday through Saturday at apartment complexes, area nonprofits, schools, city recreation centers, and senior centers. Exercise classes primarily include Zumba, however, yoga, aerobics, senior fitness, piloxing, and other fitness classes are also offered. At some locations, child care is provided. This service is essential since child care is a reason that some mothers are unable to participate in a fitness program. The nutrition classes include hands-on food preparation and cooking instructions.  If necessary, classes are also taught in Spanish.

Although the fitness and nutrition classes are open to men and women, mostly women attend. These women then serve as healthy role models for their children by demonstrating that exercise can be fun and by preparing healthy meals and snacks .

Anyone can attend Weviva’s public programs. They are open to people who don’t live in the area where the classes are offered. It’s truly a community program where its participants excel from the energy created by the group participants.

Weviva pays its childcare providers, and fitness and nutrition instructors. To ensure that Weviva can continue to offer its classes and childcare services to the community for free, it will hold its 3rd annual Envision Luncheon on October 17, 2017, at the AT&T Education and Conference Center from 11:30-1pm.  The Envision Luncheon is Weviva’s primary fundraiser. Please consider serving as a sponsor to support the planning of this event.    

For more information about Weviva, class locations and times, and the Envision Luncheon, please go to  After you attend a Weviva class or event, you will better understand the contagious nature of the group classes, and the need to sustain Weviva for people who would otherwise not have access to programs that improve their wellbeing.

Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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