Dear Cousin Kay Podcast

by Sandra Foreman June 28, 2018



The Spa in Me, LLC, is excited to announce the launch episode of its Dear Cousin Kay podcast. Sandra Foreman, the founder of The Spa in Me, LLC, is the host. This is a self care advice podcast responding to anonymous letters from listeners seeking guidance on how to make their health and wellness a priority in their lives. You can find the podcast in the Itunes Store, Stitcher, Tunein Radio, Spotify, and Google Play Music. 

If you are interested in writing to Dear Cousin Kay, please draft a letter signed under a psedonym and she will glady respond in a podcast episode. You can email the letter to There is no need to suffer in silence. If work, parenting, school, etc,  have become barriers to caring for yourself, consider contacting Dear Cousin Kay for compassionate and practical advice. She is ready to assist you. 

Until then, please enjoy our first episode of Dear Cousin Kay .  


Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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