Best Choices of My Heart

by Sandra Foreman March 09, 2019

"Who tries to sabotage my time and priority in life can never understand the sensible, best choices of my heart." - Angelica Hopes

How great we feel when we make changes to improve our well being. We may find it important to do things differently than what we have done in the past. We may start to exercise, eat better, enroll in an educational program, etc. The list goes on. We delight in our personal accomplishments, that is, until we are confronted with the inevitable challenges.

Those challenges could come in the form of the sweet treats at work, snide remarks from friends, family members, coworkers, or acquaintances. It won’t hurt to eat one donut. This is what we tell ourselves, or what others may encourage us to do. Do we give in to the social pressure? How do we respond to jokes about being a new found health nut?

Our reasons for transformation are personal. When we’re fresh on our journey, mishaps and setbacks will happen. That is a given. However, we should never give anyone authority to influence our decision-making and sabotage our efforts. Until we feel that high level of self-confidence in the choices we make, it isn’t easy to feel self-assured that we can continue or resume what we started.

Change is never easy. If it was easy, everybody would do it. Instead, change takes time, effort, and learning our needs and desires. Don’t let the obstacles in the path of your journey intimidate you. Relish in the fact that you started, and you can always choose to continue; again; and again; and again.

Sandra Foreman
Sandra Foreman


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