About Us

"Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself." - Hermann Hesse

About The Spa in Me, LLC

Our online directory connect wellness seekers, wellness entrepreneurs, and event planners with spas, retreats, and outdoorsy venues. 

Our intent is to serve as a resource for people wanting to improve their wellbeing. When a listing piques an interest, that person can then contact the business by emailing or calling for more information. Any purchases made will be done directly with the spa, retreat company, or venue.

Our directory also supports spas, retreat companies, and outdoorsy wellness venues by providing a platform to promote their services and destination(s). We provide the directory service to these specific businesses through an annual membership service. Options include a free listing and three paid membership options. We do not charge a commission to spas, retreats, or venues for any purchases made. 

About Sandra Foreman, the Founder

I am a health and disability attorney, burnout survivor, founder of The Spa in Me, L.L.C., host of The Spa in Me Podcast, and spa, health, and wellness freelance writer. I share everything I know about managing the inevitable stressors in life with a guilt-free mindset.

As a wife, mother, and lawyer, burnout easily crept up on me, leaving me dissatisfied and lost. I finally decided it was time to take action to reduce my workload, manage my stress, and take time for myself. I learned that journaling, spending time outdoors, and in other quiet spaces, slowing down, and going to spas and retreats were the activities that filled me with joy. 

During this period of exploration, I obtained a yoga teacher certification from the former Yoga Yoga, in Austin, Texas, and a Health Coaching certification from the Health Coaching Institute. I am a first place Masters Bikini Winner, and a second place novice winner, in a bodybuilding competition sponsored by the Naturally Fit Federation in Austin, Texas. And, yes, that was an amazing experience at the age of 48. 

As I changed my lifestyle, many women would ask about my wellness journey. I shared what I knew, and, eventually, started The Spa in Me, L.L.C., in 2016. Initially, I blogged about wellness destinations in the Austin, Texas, area. I later hosted a retreat for women at beautiful venues near Austin in 2018 and 2019. The Spa in Me, L.L.C. also sponsored two community book clubs for women who wanted to make more time for reading. 

With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, I pivoted. I decided to make quality information about worldwide spas, retreats, and wellness venues readily available in a weekly newsletter and in an online directory. 

For far too often, I’ve had conversations with women and men that have never traveled to a spa or gone away on a retreat. And, when I planned my first women’s retreat, the event planning organizations I joined were not familiar with the off the grid, beautiful, and breathtaking nature-infested venues I had become accustomed to frequenting while on my getaway excursions as a scouting mom and as a frequent retreat attendee.

The Spa in Me, L.L.C.'s mission is to share information about wellness destinations, such as spas, retreats, wellness events, and venues, that are designed to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. We will provide wellness seekers with a space to discover and experience thoughtfully curated experiences and outdoorsy venues. We also want to help the businesses listed in our directory and highlighted in our newsletter thrive as they look after our wellbeing.